5 Products for Wet and Dry Hair


Get clients on your good side. Any of the products on this list transition seamlessly from wet to dry hair. We recommend using these on the jet-setters, the free spirits, the moms, and anyone pressed for space, money, or time, which mainly includes everyone.

Unite 7 Seconds Glossing Spray

No more oily hair. This weightless Glossing Spray from Unite goes a long way, mainly because it performs so well with just a few veils of mist. Prep for heat protection before blow-drying and flat ironing or use on dry hair for UV protection and shiny, smooth strands for days. It has a dry shine that gives instant results—and if we asked it to do any more, it would balance our checkbook, put dinner on the table, and give us nine hours of sleep every night.

Davines Oi Oil

This blog would be nothing without a mention of Oi Oil. Since 2011, this product has been a staple among Davines customers—and probably has converted many into customers, if they weren’t already. For those who want to achieve a just-walked-out-of-the-salon look between appointments, this product has that “it” factor.

On wet hair, apply a few pumps (depending on hair length) gently to the face-framing pieces and the ends. Hair dries faster and is much easier to brush through when Oi Oil is part of the equation, which means stylists can see more clients in less time. Lived-in hair is all the rage, so rake through the clients’ hair after a blow-dry to give a more natural appearance. On dry hair, this oil adds a lot of shine when applied with fingers and brushed through to distribute the product.

Unite Boing Leave-In

Wash day is important when it comes to having curly hair, and everyone has a specific product routine to get the perfect curl pattern and texture. While wash day is vital, we’re not leaving second-, third-, and fourth-day hair out of this. Unite’s Boing Curl Leave-In is used not only for pre-styling but restyling. We just rhymed, and we’re OK with that.

On wet hair, this cream spray exaggerates curls and doesn’t leave them crunchy. Use as a thermal protectant and detangler during the appointment, then advise clients to go back on the second, third, or fourth day and refresh the beautiful curls. The spray nozzle disperses product evenly, making a convenient product to stash in a purse, leave at work, or anywhere within an arm’s reach.

EVO Macgyver

Macgyver multi-use mousse. Say that five times fast. This lightweight, versatile mousse was practically made for this type of blog. Use on all hair types, lengths, and textures. It’s a buildable mousse, yet lightweight enough for stylists to be quite generous with the application. Use as a styler and finisher on wet and dry hair—now let’s get to the good stuff.

Macgyver is unique in the fact that it’s made for re-styling. For example, if a model is styled for a hair show, but needs three looks in a day, this product allows for entirely new styles without washing out the hair and starting over. Use hot tools to your wildest dreams—Macgyver will not be affected and will even work with you.

Davines Oi Milk

This product not only works on wet and dry hair, but it also smells so good that clients can skip the perfume, too. Released a few years after Oi Oil, this multipurpose product comes with immediate results, just like it’s predecessor. On wet hair, increased manageability is a given, but this product also provides silky softness, frizz control, and conditioning. Pair with Oi Oil after the blow-dry for that extra shine and wow factor behind the chair. On dry hair, spray onto the hands and define curls with some light scrunching or apply to the ends for moisture.

These products work so well that we won’t decide whether or not to use them on wet or dry hair—all stages of styling are welcome! To shop these products, log in and register at Art of Business.

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