Before and Afters From Zenagen—The Latest in Hair Thinning Treatments


Men and women suffering from hair loss and shedding are discovering real results with a new treatment from Zenagen.

Zenagen, named for the hair growth stage in which hair has reached optimal volume and thickness, has formulated Revolve to reduce and prevent hair loss with a simple, effective treatment using plant-based ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

With proven results, this treatment presents an opportunity for stylists to start the hair thinning conversation. Any client wants thicker, fuller, longer hair—recommend that they start using this regimen to improve their scalp health and fill in sparse areas.

With lines formulated specifically for men and women, Revolve is a two-step treatment developed by a frustrated medical student. The system fights hair thinning at the source by targeting the hormone responsible for most hair loss: DHT. Don’t just take our word for it, though: Check out these amazing results!

Revolve Results

Whether struggling with male pattern baldness, post-pregnancy hair shedding, or hair loss from chemotherapy, Revolve has proven to offer results:

Before/After Using Zenagen Revolve

Before/After Using Zenagen Revolve

Before/After Using Zenagen Revolve

How Zenagen Revolve Works

Revolve is an easy-to-use shampoo and conditioning treatment. Unlike other hair loss treatments that work on the surface of the scalp, Revolve permeates into the dermal layer with a Green Tea delivery system. Within the dermal layer (where hair loss occurs), Revolve targets DHT buildup and production.

A buildup of DHT causes hair follicles to thin and eventually die, resulting in hair loss. Not only does Revolve clean away DHT buildup, but it also prevents future production of the hormone for optimal results.

Revolve noticeably reduces shedding and hair loss within two to six weeks. After three months, hair density and coverage improves, with peak results occurring between nine and 24 months. Zenagen recommends using the five-minute treatment three to four times per week for the best results.

In addition to an improvement in hair thickness and coverage, Zenagen’s proprietary blend of botanical compounds also works to improve hair quality, shine, and overall health.

The treatment is an excellent option for those looking to restore thinning hair but also for people that are not yet experiencing hair loss and want to take a preventative approach.

Stylists love that the system not only works, but with results that speak for themselves, makes the hair-thinning discussion a little easier.

Revolve by Zenagen is an easy-to-use, effective treatment for both men and women suffering from thinning hair. Without harsh chemicals or alcohol, Revolve targets and treats DHT buildup and production for noticeably thicker, fuller hair.

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