How to Offer Cezanne to Clients


We all have clients that struggle with frizzy and overall unruly hair—and we all know Cezanne is a great solution—but clients may not walk into your salon asking for the service. You’ll have to educate and inform them about the benefits of Cezanne Perfect Finish and Express, both formaldehyde-free smoothing treatments. With help from Cezanne Impressionist Reanna Gamble from J Gamble Salon, we’re introducing some easy ways to position this treatment to your clients.

Combats Humidity and Moisture

“The easiest way to introduce Cezanne is in an area where humidity is an issue,” Gamble said.

Basically, you’ve got it made. This product combats moisture and manages to keep hair under control. Who doesn’t want that?

Express Treatment Repairs Hair Damaged by Highlights

“My favorite way to use Express is on anyone with highlights who is seeing damage from the lightening process. The Cezanne Express strengthens the bonds broken down when we lighten. It makes the hair strong and shiny again.”

Reduces Styling Time

Reduced styling time is a huge sell for clients who may spend hours every week struggling to create smooth, straight hair. In most cases, it cuts styling time in half, taking less time to blow-dry and flat iron.

After blow-drying they may not even need a flat iron to get hair straight and frizz-free. Cezanne does all the work—making hair smoother and more manageable. Cezanne is a great treatment for the client who straightens their hair every day.

Takes Years Off

“There’s a lot of clients who want the hair they had when they were younger. As we get gray, our hair gets more coarse and unmanageable,” Gamble said.

Tames Cowlicks, Baby Hairs and Bangs

Express is a great spot treatment for taming stubborn cowlicks, unruly bangs and frizzy baby hairs. Detail these areas and prepare to be amazed.

Helps Transition to Natural Hair

Cezanne is great for kinky-curly types transitioning away from chemical straightening and deciding to grow their hair out naturally. Why? It disguises the line of demarcation that forms between the chemically straightened hair and the natural hair.

Pre-Treats Heavily Damaged Hair

Express is great pre-treatment to build structure into heavily damaged hair. The treatment uses a low pH to open the cuticle and inject the cortex with Sericin, keratin, botanical extracts and vitamins. Once the hair is sealed with a flat iron, hair starts to heal from the inside out.

Restores Hair from Hormone Changes or Chemotherapy

“Cezanne restores manageability to anyone going through hormone changes or chemotherapy where their hair has completely changed. It’s a life changer for these women!”

Changing lives is what we love to do at Cezanne. Do you have tips on how to position Cezanne to your clients? Let us know on Facebook!

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