Meet Industry Expert and Boost Box Creator, Lisa Arnold!


Lisa Arnold is a beauty industry veteran with more than 31 years of coaching and consultant experience. In March of 2021, she launched Boost Box to fill a critical need among salon and spa owners: Fresh, simple, and affordable marketing campaigns delivered to the salon door each month. Here’s our Q&A with her.

What is Boost Box?

Boost Box is a first-of-its-kind subscription box for salon and spa marketing materials. It takes the hassle out of marketing and makes it simple for a salon owner to run a relevant and fresh campaign each month—no headaches required. We take care of everything, from the concept to all the materials needed to run the campaign, social media included.

We’ve also started expanding into individual boxes for specific types of campaigns that salons can run any time of the year. This could be anything from celebrating an anniversary to introducing new stylists and more. This is also an excellent option for salon owners who want to try Boost Box without a subscription.

Why did you start Boost Box?

I’ve been working as a coach and consultant in the industry for almost 32 years now, and marketing has always been at the top of the list of what salon owners struggle with.

I surveyed my coaching clients, and not surprisingly, they ranked their biggest marketing challenges as creativity, time, and money, in that order.

Salon owners wear so many hats—they are the accountant, the advertiser, the manager, and they still work behind the chair. They just don’t have the time to develop a new campaign every month and put together all the supporting materials. Even just creating the social component of a campaign is super demanding; you have to make the images, write the message, figure out the hashtags, etc. Salon owners just don’t have time for this. Plus, campaigns can be expensive to execute, so I knew there was a big need for something like this out there.

Boost Box takes care of literally everything. Salon owners don’t even have to think about their marketing; they can just open the box and set it up.

How do you decide on the themes each month?

Having worked in the industry for so long, I have a good handle on the trends and what salons are dealing with at any given time of year. So, for example, August is Anti-Frizz Month, so we centered our August campaign around that. We also work off of holidays, seasons, and different themes such as referrals or customer appreciation.

Each campaign is thoughtfully designed and curated for a professional experience.

What does the box contain?

Each box contains everything needed to run the campaign. Depending on the size of the salon, this might include materials like window displays, mirror stickers, counter easels, merchandising props, vinyl banners, and more. We also include everything salon owners need to promote the campaign across social media channels—digital images they can add their logo to, along with the copy/text and hashtags.

Salon owners can choose from three different campaign types depending on what they want to do or promote. So, for example, maybe they want to run a raffle or offer a referral discount; we give them different options and ways of executing the campaign. In addition, the stickers are color coordinated so that no matter which campaign type they choose, the materials work together and look seamless—they can just pop the stickers on and go.

We also include an instruction card with each box to guide salon owners to set up their campaign and make it successful, with ideas and incentives for staff and guests.

How or where do you purchase?

Anyone can purchase a single Boost Box or subscription at

The boxes come in three sizes to suit everyone, from suite owners to salons with up to eight stylists. Salon owners can enroll for three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions.

What do you think makes Boost Box unique?

Boost Box fills a gap in the market that salon owners have been looking for for so long—creative, consistent, and affordable marketing. We use professional artwork that is unique and keeps the four principles of a good display in mind (attract impulsive buyers, highlight new or obscure products or services, remind guests of salon programs or events, and create a professional undertone).

This type of fresh and consistent marketing increases sales and guest engagement—it keeps clients coming back.

“Boost Box has been great so far. It is the best reminder that I do not do promotions enough. I can see already that the consistency of it is great and just what I needed.” - Aimee from Salon Zen in PA.

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