Our Ultimate Guide to Sulfate-Free Shampoo


Find a sulfate-free shampoo at the snap of your fingers with our guide to sulfate-free, salon-quality shampoos at Art of Business!

Why sulfate-free? Often times, sulfates are what help the product produce a thick lather. However, those bubbles are also known for causing frizz in curly hair and making colored hair fade. Make your curls last longer and enjoy a longer lasting color with these sulfate-free shampoos.


Specifically formulated to replenish thirsty hair starved for attention, Eufora Nourish Deep Moisture Cleanse Shampoo combats daily assault from environmental stress, aggressive styling practices, and chemical services, delivering TLC to hair and scalp through a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, natural oils, and plant extracts.


Cezanne Perfect Moisture Shampoo is a daily sulfate-free cleanser that replenishes moisture to maintain and protect the life of your Cezanne Smoothing Treatment. This gentle cleanser is great for everyday use and is safe to use on color-treated hair.


Davines' Award-Winning OI Shampoo provides extra shine and softness to hair. This cleanser is the first step in creating a nice sheen as it boosts volume and improves hair texture.

Other sulfate-free shampoos from Davines:
Your Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo
Love Smoothing Shampoo 
Minu Shampoo
Melu Shampoo
NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo
NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo


Recommended for dry, frizzy, color-treated hair, EVO's The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo halts the fading of color while boosting moisture and shine. Helps to strengthen hair, reduce frizz, add moisture, condition, and enhance shine.

Other sulfate-free shampoos from Evo:
Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo
Gluttony Volumizing Shampoo
Mane Tamer Smoothing Shampoo
Normal Persons Daily Shampoo


Unite BOING Curl Shampoo’s hydrating, cream-to-foam formula gently cleanses while restoring elasticity and shine, leaving curls healthy, hydrated, and frizz-free. Great for all curl types and is sulfate-, paraben-, and sodium chloride-free.

Other sulfate-free shampoos from Unite:
U Luxury Shampoo
Boosta Shampoo
Lazer Straight Shampoo

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