Start a Summer Hair Care Routine With Our Favorite Products From Art of Business


Hair doesn’t have to be a hassle during the warmer months. We have the best shampoo for your beach holiday and some product recommendations on how to get beachy waves without the frizz. Read the advice from our team at Art of Business to get started on summer hair care!

Lauren Battaglia at Art of BusinessLauren Battaglia
, Salon Business Specialist

Favorite Product: UNITE BEACH Day

Why? Summer's here! UNITE Beach Day is that quick grab-and-go product—spray in wet or dry hair to get that beachy wave with excellent texture. It has UV protectants to get your hair through a nice and sunny day! Make sure you have this staple product in your beach bag!

Who would it be good for? On-the-go clients who want a natural curl with texture.

Janet Dunkelberger at Art of BusinessJanet Dunkelberger, Salon Business Specialist / Internal Sales Manager

Favorite Product: OI All In One Milk

Why? This antioxidant-rich spray contains Beta Carotene and protection from hot tools and UV. Adds shine, detangles, and controls my frizz ALL day.

Who would it be good for? Anyone can use this product.

Tricia Galanti at Art of BusinessTricia Galanti, Salon Business Specialist

Favorite Product: evo Water Killer

Why? It gives my fine hair body without making it feel dirty! I finally can skip a day of shampooing without being self-conscious all day that my hair looks dirty or super flat, and it smells nice and fresh too!

Who would it be good for? It would be good for anyone who wants some texture without feeling as if their hair is dry or dirty. Also, anyone who does not want to shampoo their hair every day but still wants a freshly styled look would love this.

Nicole Sherry at Art of BusinessNicole Sherry
, Salon Business Specialist

Favorite Product: Cezanne Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Why? I absolutely love how it makes my hair healthier and frizz-free. It also takes half the amount of time than the Classic Treatment.

Who would it be good for? Anyone! It’s perfect for all kinds of hair texture. It makes the hair stronger, smoother, more manageable, and flawlessly gorgeous.

Tiffany Marcovsky at Art of BusinessTiffany Marcovsky
, Salon Business Specialist

Favorite Product: Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Intense Shampoo and Conditioner

Why? It makes my hair so silky smooth and helps keep the color vibrant between visits.

Who would it be good for? It’s good for all color treated hair or damaged hair.

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