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We’re listing our bestselling and most popular products on Art of Business! From leave-in detanglers to finishing hairsprays, these favorites cover all stages of the styling process. If your salon already sells some of these products (after all, they are the most popular on our site), you’re already well on your way to happy hair days!

7SECONDS Condition Leave-In Detangler


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Would you have expected anything else? This leave-in conditioner from UNITE is a fan favorite among stylists for it’s ability to detangle coarse, fine, knotted, snarly, and basically any hair type imaginable, without feeling heavy or greasy. Built-in UV and thermal protection makes this paraben- and sodium chloride-free product an easy choice for your clients if they want a lot of bang for their buck.

Clay Matte Pomade


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Reuzel’s done it again. From the blue and white tin to the moldable, flexible hold, this creamy, clay matte pomade is perfect for achieving a natural look. Plus, the water-based solution means it washes out easily.

OI All in One Milk


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It’s no surprise that we see another leave-in on this list. These multipurpose conditioners are a must for any daily routine. OI All in One Milk gets its power from Roucou Oil that supports hair growth and protects from UV radiation. It also contains Ellagic Acid to fight free radicals. Your client’s strands will feel drastically different after a spray or two of this—the Vitamin B5 and amino acid complex hides frizz and makes hair soft. If that’s not enough, the packaging from Davines is minimal and divine, as usual.

Style Elevate

Eufora’s award-winning hairspray provides a firm, workable hold that protects from color fading and improves hair and scalp health. The aloe vera-based product is perfect for finer hair that may become tacky or stiff with too much hairspray. If you have clients that are picky about fragrance, we recommend this hairspray. We love Eufora’s products for their essential oil blends that give off a fresh, clean scent.

New products are always fun. Why not try some of our suggestions? Log in or register at Art of Business to stock up on these great buys today.

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