What People are Buying This Month at Art of Business


Be confident in purchasing, and use our list of what people are buying at Art of Business to gauge what the salon should consider stocking up on to update their services. We’ve compiled the top sellers of January, plus a few extras, to make the purchasing process even more accessible.

USmooth Infinite Iron

The USmooth Infinite Iron creates curls, waves, or straightens hair. The plates are floated and rounding, meaning that no creases will happen. The style depends on the strength of hair tension—the freedom goes to the stylist.

USmooth Infinite Iron

Unite BLONDA Fix PRO Box

Unite’s BLONDA Fix PRO Box is a professional-grade treatment that repairs, strengthens, and tones blonde hair at the shampoo bowl. It seals in moisture and nutrients and neutralizes brassiness. If clients want to lock in the blonde at home, have them use BLONDA Toning Shampoo and BLONDA Fix Treatment.

Unite BLONDA Fix PRO Box

Eufora Aromatherapy

Eufora has essential oil blends, candles, air mists, and diffusers, plus a carrier oil to mix and match whatever aromatherapy needs the salon and clients have.

Eufora Aromatherapy Products

Evo Macgyver Multi-Use Mousse

Evo’s macgyver multi-use mousse is a do-it-all mousse that’s used with or without heat to create volume, separation, and texture. We love that it works on wet and dry hair.

Evo Macgyver Multi-Use Mousse

Davines Mask With Vibrachrom 20 Vol. Activator

The Davines Mask with Vibrachrom 20 Vol. Activator is an oxidant cream specifically created to use with the Mask with Vibrachrom coloring system. Its creamy formulation facilitates the color mixing, creating a texture that adheres to the hair, ensuring high penetration of color. The formula has emollient and protective agents that offer extra shine, high conditioning, and outstanding color duration.

YS Park Pro Straight Air Styler Brush Ion - T09

The YS Park Pro Straight Air Styler is specially sized for all blow-drying needs. The super light body allows for better airflow, and the bristles are anti-static, anti-bacterial, and heat-resistant.

Shop educated—we hope that our top sellers put salons on the right path of purchasing. Log in or register at Art of Business to stay on-trend and up to date with professional hair products.

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