What Shampoos Prevent Hair Loss?


Many things can cause hair loss: Aging, genetics, pregnancy, post-partum, medication, or stress to name a few. No matter the reason, hair thinning and loss is worrisome. Find the proper products at Art of Business to grow hair and create a healthy scalp environment, while improving strength and elasticity.

Eufora’s Award-Winning Thickening Collection is an excellent option for restoring fragile, thin hair. The treatment uses botanical extracts, ProAmino Cell Complex™, and antioxidants to revitalize the scalp and the health of the hair follicle, creating an optimal place for healthy hair growth. These antioxidant-rich formulas deliver silky softness as they improve the strength and elasticity of the hair without adding weight.

The Davines NaturalTech product line offers a variety of options to help with fragile, thin hair suffering from breakage. The Replumping Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated to protect and nurture brittle hair by gently moisturizing, detangling, and improving elasticity.

If damage or dryness is causing hair loss, try the NaturalTech Energizing Shampoo and follow with the Davines NaturalTech Energizing Thickening Tonic enriched with HAIR ENERGY COMPLEX for healthier, stronger locks and a toned scalp to treat hair that is prone to falling out while preventing various forms of alopecia! The tonic increases the diameter of the hair fiber by 5 percent, expanding it from the very first application while leaving hair glossy and full-bodied without weighing it down.

Mint Thickening Shampoo by GO24•7 is specifically designed for men to refreshen and thicken thinning hair as it provides volume for a fuller look. Follow up with the vitamin-enhanced Conditioner to seal the hair with proper nourishment.

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