• Davines - Razor Werke Cutting Workshop with Skot Slator $250.00

    Learn and become comfortable cutting hair with a razor without damaging the cuticle. The attendees will become comfortable with utilizing the razor through multiply haircuts which may include; long layer haircut, square one-length bob with graduation, disconnected angled bob, and a crop cut demo. The focus will be on the fundamentals and technique of razor cutting in conjunction with keeping the composition of the hair intact.

    Price includes mannequin and lunch. 

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  • EDU X - Look & Learn Demo with Emily Costello

    Emily will be showing 2 different looks that will be based upon the suitability of the client. This demo will give insight into the EDU X Foundations cutting system.

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  • Education X - Foundations, Demo $50.00

    This class will introduce you to what EDU X Foundations is all about! Join the EDU X team as they demonstrate how they use their theory to apply to real life creative looks. You will get a better understanding of haircutting the EDU X way… EDU X is an inclusive & accessible educator for hairstylists at all levels who want to raise the standards of their own craft.

  • Education X - Foundations, Workshop $600.00

    Foundations is designed for hairstylists who take their craft seriously and wish to raise the standards of haircutting. This course is designed for hairstylists who are looking for a thoroughly structured classroom setting. It is not designed for hairstylists who are looking for the next "trending" haircut. This is a 2-day intensive course focusing on the integrity of haircutting. It provides hands on coaching utilizing technique, body position, and planning a haircut while learning how to execute these techniques for life “behind the chair. Both days are broken down into two parts; part one is the theory and demonstration lead by the instructor, while part two is the hands-on portion for participants. Each class runs approximately for 7 hours, with a strict start and end time for each session.

    Price includes mannequin and lunch.

  • Eufora - Short Hair Cutting Workshop with Alissa Alvarez $225.00

    Join Alissa Alvarez for this innovative short haircutting, designed to maximize your skill retention in these two highly complex areas short and haircutting. You will learn how to manage volume, height and weight distribution and how to detail and texturize short hair to bring out its personality and movement.

    Price includes mannequin and lunch.

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