Art of Business The Event

The New Reality - Art of Business The Event 2018. For salon owners and managers.
Art of Business The Event April 15 & 16, 2018 Airport Marriott Hotel | Philadelphia, PA

This could be the most important 2 days of your business life in 2018! At Art of Business the Event, you will join salon owners and managers from across the country to look at business models, ideas, and strategies. You will learn how to implement leadership and monitor effective methods to put you on a path to success in a less emotional, more rational way.

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2018 Seminar Speakers & Guests

Honoree 2018

Winn Claybaugh

Winn Claybaugh is the author of Be Nice (Or Else!) and “one of the best motivational speakers in the country,” according to CNN’s Larry King. A national speaker and a business owner for more than 30 years, Winn is founder, co-owner, and dean of hair care giant Paul Mitchell’s School Division. Winn is an executive director for Bright Pink and President of the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation. In recognition of his work he received the 2017 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Cory Muscara Founder Long Island Center for Mindfulness

Mindfulness: Shifting from Surviving to Thriving in the New Reality of Beauty

Mindfulness meditation is a form of mental fitness. It is a practice to optimize our brain in ways that increases focus, clarity, relaxation, productivity and joy. There are thousands of research articles demonstrating mindfulness can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and improving overall wellbeing. As a leader... your “fitness” is something your team depends on.

Steve Reiss Modern Salon & Salon Today Publisher

Keynote Address: “The New Reality” and the way owners are thinking

The use of data is changing how salons across America run their business, work with their stylists, and interact with their clients. Steve will provide research and content from the DATA-DRIVEN Salon Conference to discuss how you, as an owner or manager, can best take advantage of data in your business.

Winn Claybaugh Founder, Co-Owner and Dean or Paul Mitchell’s School Division

BE NICE Leadership

People don’t quit companies; they quit bosses—and those who quit are usually the most talented and productive. Winn will share proven systems to empower everyone to be more inspiring and engaging—the skills that make more attractive leaders.

Culture, Culture, Culture!

Without a healthy culture people are not engaged, and they show up for one thing only: a paycheck.

How to Balance My Career and All That Other Stuff

Yes, you're a professional individual, but you're also a physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual being. Happiness comes from the balance between all five.

John Cutrone Director of Sales North America, Eufora

“Grit”...take back our industry!

2018 accompanies a new climate in our industry and a “New Reality” in our world, talent alone will not carry you through these times… you need to have a well-honed sense of perseverance in order to get past the myriad challenges that emerge in life. John opens his session with a stirring delivery of “Grit” Strength of Character… Strength of Will. Then transition with John as he inspires you to "Take it Back." John will highlight current threats and opportunities our industry is facing. All together inspiring salon leaders to TAKE BACK OUR INDUSTRY.

Chris Nezda Founder, CEO ZeeZor

How to use Data to Influence team behavior and improve your life!

Owners know that most stylists don’t gravitate to the numbers side of the salon business. Yet paying attention to your salon and staff performance, is an absolute requirement in today’s competitive salon environment. Even more important is learning how to engage your staff so the numbers actually mean something to them. You’ll learn not only what your numbers “should be”, but he’ll show you what your numbers “COULD” be! You’ll also walk away with a tool that will show you how your salon stacks-up in the industry. Fast paced, heartfelt and creative are words to describe Chris’s style and what you can expect from this session.

Special Presentations

Beth Minardi

Building Your Hair Color Business

Beth Minardi, an internationally acclaimed colorist, educator and product consultant, Celeb­rity Hair Colorist and owner. Beth is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in all phases of coloring. Prior to entering the professional salon industry, Beth studied painting and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in education. Throughout her career, Minardi has worked as a spokesperson and consultant to several color companies, helping to formulate and design various color lines.

Heather Yurko

The Secret to Building Elite Performers

Heather Yurko, is the creator of Neatbeat Salon and PIP Univer­sity. Neatbeat opened it's doors in 2013 in a 200 sq. ft. closet at a Sola salon, where she could touch the color bar, shampoo chair, and waiting area, all at the same time. She opened as the only income producer with 2 assistants. Today, Neatbeat resides in a 5,000 sq. ft. salon that has 20 employees. Heather's mission is to share her faceplants and breakthroughs with other salon pro­fessionals.

Dilan DeSilva

Increasing Retail Sales using Technology

Dilan DeSilva, founder & owner of Webappclouds LLC and SalonClouds+ started develop­ing salon apps in 2008. The key element to success of the SalonClouds+ app is its inherent potential in delivering lucrative results speedily and effectively. The company gives priority to salon clients' individual needs, personalizing and customizing their product to reap higher profits for them.

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