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Art of Business The Event 2019: For salon owners and managers
Art of Business The Event April 7 & 8, 2019 Airport Marriott Hotel | Philadelphia, PA

This is your moment! Are you ready to seize it? There is no question you will be ready after being educated and emotionally enriched by attending the Art of Business event. Join other like-minded salon owners and managers from around the country to learn from incredible industry and non-industry speakers on how to be a more successful leader for your salon. You will absolutely gain tangible financial results from your attendance at this event. It will wake you out of the monotony of your routine and prepare you for your moment. See you there!

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2019 Special Guests and Classes

Honoree 2019

Howard Hafetz, AOB CEO

Howard has enjoyed a lifetime love affair with the people and the business of beauty. When Howard began his career as a salon sales consultant, he quickly realized the tremendous need for business information for hairdressers and salon owners. With that knowledge in mind, Howard became a pioneer in creating and promoting programs to help beauty professionals fulfill their dreams.

It all started with the creation of America’s first advanced beauty learning center, The Gallery in 1978, which has been home to the world’s best beauty presenters in history. Howard also created Salon Today magazine, the first ever magazine devoted to Salon Management. He is the co-author and publisher of the book Psy-Cosmetology, as well as one of the key creators of The Salon Association (TSA), the first industry association for salon owners. Howard was the youngest ever president of the Professional Beauty Association and was inducted into its Hall of Fame.

Most notably, Howard is the creator of this Art of Business event, which has shaped the business lives of many salon owners and managers over its 17 years of success.

Lorean Cairns @loreancairns @foxandjane

Coaching Through Culture

Lorean takes the audience through an in-depth look at how to create and cultivate a positive and impactful company culture, the importance of setting a solid foundation, and the practice of values reinforcement to encourage your team to rise to the occasion. Topics will cover empowering a company vision through values, establishing a culture of coaching, growth, and goal setting, understanding coaching levels, delegating, directing, and developing your staff to independence, establishing your “Horizon Line”, the quiet standards that make your business unique, and leading & creating future leaders.

John Harms @speakmillennium

Monitoring and Predicting Growth: it’s not just about revenue.

Everybody wants to be successful and grow their businesses but they focus on the what, not the how. If you want to grow by a certain percentage or hit a revenue goal for the year, that’s the what. But how do you get there? What are the action items you can implement on a daily basis to surpass your goals? What are the forward-focused key performance indicators that show you are on target? Join John Harms as he shares 30+ years of experience gained by supporting the needs of the top salons and spas in the world. Today’s revenue is based on what you did yesterday. Change the game by understanding what you can do today to affect tomorrow - the time is now!

Sylvie di Giusto @sylviedigiusto

The Image of Leadership

The most successful leaders make an unforgettable first impression. They immediately reveal who they are, and what they represent as a leader, and how they serve the organization they work for. They influence the message they send to others by displaying a strong executive presence and by being mindful of the first impression they leave behind for their employees, clients, and the industry they are part of. Sylvie will share how successful leaders shape and mold that first impression in their favor, and also that of their company.

Peter Shankman @petershankman

The economy of the next fifty years will be run by Customer Service

The days of “begging for likes” are over. The customer is all about doing likeable things! As the network gets smarter and smarter, it’ll know your favorite places before you do, and share those with the world - when the world is looking. So, if your friends are looking for a doctor in NYC and you live there, it’ll show them who you use, automatically. Logic suggests that if you go there a lot, you like the place, and your friends usually like what you like. It’s not private if you’re already posting from there, remember. What does this mean for your business? It means that it’s time to start focusing on the customer experience - without that, no amount of advertising, marketing, or SEO will save you.

Gordon Miller @gordnm @hairbrained_official

FutureProof: Being Prepared for What’s Coming Next (Now)

A look into the attitudes and best practices required to remain competitive in an ever-changing professional landscape - plus a dive into the relevant trends in technology and social/digital media that will continue to shape the professional salon industry in the years ahead.


It’s a great time reconnecting with friends and mentors... My take away was simply it is my responsibility to develop phenomenal human beings and build a leadership team of courageous servants. Teamwork and discipline equals excellence.

Sue Burkholder – Salon Art-Tiff Ephrata, PA

If you want to feel energized and enthused about your business…attend this event. My wife and I look forward to the re-charge…from industry speakers and fellow salon owners. We come away with numerous good ideas and concepts. We confidently leave the conference as better business owners and leaders.

Brett Sauder – Taire Hair Salon Inc. Huntingdon Valley, PA

I enjoyed networking with other salon owners & meeting people. The takeaway was amazing, and everything that was covered is pertinent as to what is going on in the industry.

Roger Least – Roger’s Haircraft Lakeville, NY

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