CULTURE FOX Book by Lorean Cairns


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Culture Fox by Lorean Cairns
You know you've got the skill, passion, and drive to build a thriving salon culture, but you might not be sure how to bring that vision to life. Through the launch of her brand, Fox and Jane, Lorean Cairns developed a proven formula and turned a three-chair salon into the international powerhouse it is today. Nine salons, 150 staff members, and $14 million in revenue later, Lorean had the realization that establishing a deep-rooted culture was the key to creating her dream environment.

Be prepared to shift your leadership lens! This honest and irreverent look at the beauty industry will have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew. You'll experience all the toxic, terrific, and hair-raising work cultures Lorean encountered on her way to the top--and most importantly, you'll learn how to build the kind of work environment that attracts top talent and empowers your staff with a sense of success and fulfillment.