SH-BOOM! Book by Douglas Cox


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This book is for and about, Sh-Boomers! If you are between the ages of 50 and 100, you are a Sh-Boomer! From the moment our life begins, the process of aging begins! We feel and live, either younger or older, depending on how we deal with this adventure called life and time. This book is about how we can choose to make our way more courageously, into a world where we have never gone before. Sh-Boom contains simple steps that you can use to help deal with diminished hearing, eyesight, memory and perhaps increasing pain. Though our bodies make noises when we stand up and our movements are a bit slower than they once were; Sh-Boom asks the question, “So What?” Through the wisdom and stories contained in these pages, you will learn and practice the secrets of rekindling the hope, joy and well-being that comes with understanding The Power of Positive Aging!