Technical Line Platiblond Defence Bleaching Powder

by Yunsey

  • Size: 17 Fl. Oz.
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Yunsey Technical Line Platiblond Defence Bleaching Powder is bleach violet, non-volatile bleaching powder that bleaches up to 9 shades. Formulated with PECTIN, an active ingredient that helps to maintain the structure of the bonds and protect the hair during the service. It also contains amino acids that come from citrus peel which helps protect the hair.
In a non-metallic container, mix 1 part Platiblond Defence with 2 parts Oxiyunsey (10, 20, 30 or 40 vol.) depending on the desired degree of bleaching.
The recommended exposure time is a maximum of 45 minutes, depending on the texture, developer used and the desired results.

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